A Visit to Shim Shim

I feel loved, pampered, spoilt by the affection showered by my bestie Doma Wang!

Shim Shim is a small quaint newly opened Asian eatery in Park Circus, Kolkata. Just behind the popular Quest Mall, easy to locate this place.

I went there with my Blogger/Photographer friend Anindiya Basu and his wife Madhushree Basu, and well known HomeChef Sherry Malhotra and we were welcome by Doma Wang – Founder, Owner & Chef of the restaurant Shim Shim.

(L-R) Doma Wang – Founder-Owner & Chef of the restaurant Shim Shim, Ananya Banerjee, Anindiya Basu and his wife Madhushree Basu, and HomeChef Sherry Malhotra
Momos and Potstickers

The first thing we tasted was a hot plate of Momos and Potstickers. Momos were super succulent, juicy and cooked to perfection. It was accompanied by fiery red momo sauce. Her momos especially are a constant source of joy in the “city of joy’.  For me if I have to have momos, it has to be only from the Momo queen Doma, nothing else would do.


After the momo round, we were served a plate of Beef Chili and Mongolian Beef. Doma serves mainly beef in this eatery Shimshim serves the most outstanding Mongolian beef and chilli beef are her signature bestsellers, whereas her other restaurant Blue Poppy serves pork-based items.

Chow Mein

We were extremely full but Doma insisted that we try her signature Chow Mein – the perfect Kolkata Chinese taste what I have grown up with.

Banana Pancakes with Chocolate & Vanilla sauce

Just when we were thinking of we will not be able to have any more we were served with piping hot Banana Pancakes with Chocolate & Vanilla sauce. The dessert truly melted in the mouth from inside and crispy, crunchy from outside with oodles of chocolates.

(L-R) Anindiya Basu, Ananya Banerjee, Doma Wang, Madhushree Basu & Sherry Malhotra

Because of the Chinese settlers in Kolkata where the only China town of Indian exists Bengalis overall have grown up with Chinese food. My visit to Shim Shim was a down memory lane for me, very nostalgic, brought back all the pleasant food memories.

Guys, if you are in Kolkata or visiting Kolkata do visit Shim Shim and BluePoppy for some unforgettable Asian meals.

Address: 31A Bright Street, Park Circus Area, Kolkata

Cuisine: Tibetan

Cost: 300 for two


For more reviews stay tuned on Happy Tummies Around the World


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