Amazing meal of 2017 – WD House

One of the most amazing meals of 2017 was WD House (Whistling Duck House), Greater Kailash, New Delhi.

I always believe in food without geographical boundaries. WD house is a three-storied restaurant inspired by early modern India, with clean and classy décor. Nothing or net, and no clutter feel. Small terraces on each floor with outdoor seating arrangements give the spacious aura.

Food in WD House is something so beautiful and close to my heart. The understanding of marrying the right flavours, playing with all the possible citrus has blown me off. Starting from Gondhoraj Lebo, Pomelos, Oranges, Lemons and Lime made each dish shine.

Me with Chef Richa Johri

Chef Richa Johri has an in-depth understanding of flavours, each dish was beautifully balanced and everything on the menu was a perfect symphony.

Most of the time when a restaurant specializes in cuisines they perfect that art but when a restaurant has so many various cuisines from all over the world (it is food without geographical boundaries after all) it actually takes a lot of hard work to attend perfection in creating such a diverse menu.

An array of non-alcoholic beverages Thai Lemongrass Cooler and Rhododendron & Celery Cooler were served first, they were indeed very aromatic and refreshing.

The first dish was Amuse Bouche was chicken liver pate with caramelized Onion in Balsamic reduction. The pate literally melted in the mouth and the sweetness of caramelized onion and acidity of the Balsamic vinegar balanced the dish beautifully.

Amuse bouche - chicken liver pate with caramelised onion n balsamic glacé
Amuse Bouche

After Amuse Bouche came the Roasted Pumpkin & Coconut, I’m not much of a pumpkin fan but after tasting this super aromatic soup, I’m a total convert the subtle taste of curry leaves in coconut broth and roasted pumpkin was a very unusual but very tasty combination.

Roasted Pumpkin & Coconut

The next dish was Kashmiri Tabac Maaz, it had the perfect blend of fat and melt in the mouth meat. This was the best Tabac Maaz I had so far.

The grand tabac maaz ( Kashmir )
Kashmiri Tabac Maaz

The next wonderful dish was Orange and Mustard reduction Prawn, which comes from Mizoram and really not commonly found in the rest of the county. The dish was beautifully balanced with citric notes, the most prominent was orange.

Orange and Mustard reduction Prawn

I was already sort of full but Rich insisted to try Srilankan Mutton Curry with Paratha, the mutton curry was very robust and parathas were very flaky – Perfect Combo.

Srilankan mutton curry with paratha (Srilankan)
Srilankan Mutton Curry with Paratha

The next dish to arrive on my table was Quail with Rice Cake & Pomelo Salad. This dish is inspired by Assam & Tripura. The quail for me was a bit bland, but the rice cake and pomelo salad made up for it, as they were very flavorsome and very unique.

Quail with rice cake and pomelo salad ( Assam & Tripura inspired )
Quail with Rice Cake & Pomelo Salad

Last but not the least the sweet ending was Orange Crème Brûlée, the pudding had the creamy texture with a perfect brûlée crunch on the top. Perfect ending to my great meal.

Orange Creme Brulee
Orange Crème Brûlée

The uniqueness of the place is you will get the flavors of each state of India, but the technique used and the presentation is very modern and international.

If you are in the capital city don’t miss an opportunity to dine here!!

WD House

Address: 80, M Block Rd, Block M, Greater Kailash II, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048

  • Food: 4.5/5
  • Ambiance: 4/5
  • Price: ₹3,500 for two people (approx.)


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