Ethiopian food is one of my favorite

Ethiopian food is one of my favorite. It surely resembles Indian food. Heavy usage of spices in their wots ( stews ) and tibs ( curry) brings familiarity to our palettes. Yet the usage of teff flour in their staple injera bread is very unique. Injera bread is soft and spongy perfect to mop up the gravy it soaks. It is stacked up and used as an edible plate, where the assortment of meat, fish vegetables, greens and lentils are served upon. Diners sit around and enjoy the meal from one single platter.

ethopian-food.png, Feb 2016

During my recent trip to the US, I was in  Washington DC for few days. US being a melting pot of all cultures, traditions. Mostly all cuisines around the world are found in this unique country.  DC has a large section of Ethiopian inhabitants living in the state. There are plenty of Ethiopian restaurants run by the Ethiopians settled there. Went to Ethiopian cafe in Washington DC. We ordered doro wat (spicy chicken stew), chicken and lamb tib (cubed chicken and lamb curry), lentils (chana dal) collard greens, cabbage and potato curry. The assortment indeed looked like a thali back home. Food was delicious , freshly made and very flavourful. The food was served on stacks of injera bread and some extra injera was served on the sides. A different and satisfying meal experience indeed!

For a delicious dorowat and injera recipe, please read Planet Gastronomy-100 Most Popular Global Recipes. Page-74.

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