Romancing the snow

I don’t know what snow reminds you of ! Heard people get romantic in the snow and our Hindi movies surely are good example of that ! Off course people go for skiing, tubing ,ice skating. Make snowman, White Christmas!!! but you know what snow reminds me of?


Snow reminds me of royal icing , snow reminds me of meringue. I see lemon meringue pie, vanilla cupcake with white frosting , pavlova, Snow reminds me of yummy eggnog. Snow reminds me of a big bowl of freshly whipped cream, just have to imagine the berries underneath. Snow reminds me of buffalo mozzarella, shavings of Parmesan cheese, bubbling cheese sauce and fondue. Snow reminds me of cream cheese , ricotta , creamy mascapone and crumbled feta. Can’t help but see food in everything .around me. Food is life!! If snow reminds you of anything else, share with me !!


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