Macaroon Miracle -Sarah’s patisserie

Sarah’s Patisserie is tucked in a corner of a picturesque location in Ithaca, upstate New York. This French Patisserie I was told, makes the best hot chocolate in town. Hot chocolate made with real chocolate shavings served with a dollop of whipped cream is a perfect beverage to lift and warm up the spirit when the temperature steps down to sub zero.


A good Macaroon, a bit tricky to master should ideally be crunchy and light on top and bottom, with a slightly chewy yet soft filling inside. The macaroons passed all the criteria and the real showstopper was their “Overkill Macaroon”. It is made of bacon, caramel with a light buttercream filling inside. Although I am from the school of thought that bacon makes anything taste good, I did have reservations about using bacon in desserts. But after one bite into this overkill macaroon, I turned a believer. The crunchy bacon was caramelised to perfection and married perfectly in the gooey caramel and smooth buttercream.Sarah’s like all good French patisseries makes lovely macaroons, buttery brioches, croissants both plain and almond and an array of tortes, chocolates and tarts.


Their brownie on the other hand, which is America’s gift to the world is definitely not French. No wonder Sarah’s could not get it right. It was dry and bitter. I feel Sarah’s should stick to what they do best… all things French, especially macaroons.



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