Wild Burgers Cafe

The exotic burgers that changed my notions on “eating burgers”!!!

Burgers are synonymous to USA and Canada. But I have come to the conclusion that there are BURGERS and there are WILD BURGERS. Yes, you heard it right, I am talking about the burgers of WILD BURGER cafe.


Been to Toronto over a weekend during my recent trip to the USA and been to the “wild burger café” opened by my friend Suman Roy. Suman is a chef par excellence! He wears many hats. Apart from being a fantastic chef, professor in the Culinary College and author of his award winning book, he has opened two restaurants and is on the verge of opening his third one.

‘Wild burgers’, as the name suggests serves game meats. Definitely not for the faint hearted. None of the dishes from his menu is usual. There is an unmistakable signature touch even in the normal beef, chicken and lamb burgers. All had that extra something which I have not tasted in the usual burger joints (I have been to all possible chains in the US).


Amongst the exotic burgers at Wild Burgers, I tried the camel and rabbit burgers. And let me tell you the meat was so juicy, flavourful and surprisingly not gamy at all.


We were served a plate of pork skin crackling. Fried Pork crackling is my all time favourite munchie, but oh boy that pork skin was good enough to give anyone food coma. Suman added, “it is fried in duck fat”. There you go! Chefs secret! I am willing to make a trip again from Mumbai to Toronto just to have that, it was so very good! The pork skin was served with four kinds of lip smacking dips. Sweet chilli, sun-dried tomato, jalapeño and chipotle.


Last but not the least, tried the national dish of Canada, Poutine. Here too, the poutine did not have the regular French fries with gravy and cheese. It had fried pickles, fried onions and Gorgonzola that gave the regular road side snack a major uplift.


Even our drive back to the hotel was made sweet by a big box of freshly fried hot funnel cake from wild burger cafe that made the sweet ending to a fantastic and memorable meal!


My verdict: if you are visiting Toronto, Wild burger cafe is a must visit place for your gastronomic adventure



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