A Visit to Shim Shim

If you are in Kolkata or visiting Kolkata do visit Shim Shim and BluePoppy for some unforgettable momos, pork-based meals and other amazing Asian cuisines.

Pickles of India: No Indian meal is complete without them

In India, Pickles are the most favourite accompaniment with meals but do you know that the traditional art of pickle making at home is slowly fading away. Here are few simple traditional Bengali pickle recipes which will encourage you to make pickles at home!

Holi Special: Malpua

The whole of India celebrates Holi with gusto and every region has some special Holi recipes to offer. One dish which is prepared pan India is Malpua – Deep fried mawa discs soaked in sugar syrup.

Deccan Odyssey going beyond Idli & Dosa In Hyatt Regency Mumbai

Although the cuisine of each South Indian state is entirely different, and each state has their unique cooking style and ingredients. Overall, there is a common thread that binds them all. This what Hyatt Regency, Mumbai offered in their South Indian Food Festival!